On Demand 2021

Futurex Summit 2021 On Demand Presentations (watch 2020 Summit videos here)

CryptoHub Announcement: Evolving Your Enterprise Cryptographic Services

Adam Cason, Ryan Smith

Futurex, along with our special guest speakers, is bringing you the latest in modern cryptography during the Futurex Virtual Summit 2021. Join us as we explore emerging trends, new technologies, and best practices. It’s not easy to find this much industry insight in one place!

To kick things off, Futurex’s Adam Cason, Vice President of Global and Strategic Alliances, and Ryan Smith, Vice President of Global Business Development, will share a major tech announcement that will revolutionize how organizations approach crypto strategy. Let’s get started.

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The Art of Designing Next-Generation HSM Ecosystems

David Close, Ryan Smith

To design and deploy an HSM infrastructure, you have to answer some tough questions. Which HSMs are best suited to your needs? Will your organization need on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid architecture? How scalable will it be?

Here to provide a framework for answering questions like these are Futurex’s Chief Solutions Architect David Close and Ryan Smith, Vice President of Global Business Development. They’ll discuss the top considerations for designing successful HSM architectures, as well as announce some ground-breaking new developments in the Futurex solution suite.

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Maturing an Enterprise’s Key Management Infrastructure

David Close, Thaddeus Fuller
Key management isn’t just an outcome or solution. It’s a process that leads to infrastructural maturity, where keys are centrally managed and hardware backed. But what’s the best way to reach key management maturity? Once you deploy a solution, where do you go from there? To provide a model to gage your organization’s key management maturity and identify your next steps, let’s join Futurex’s David Close, Chief Solutions Architect, and Thaddeus Fuller, Software Engineering Technical Lead, for an in-depth look at this important topic.

Payment Ecosystems in Latin America

Santos Campa, Pamela Espinosa, Luis Fernando Cruz
El mundo actual, se encuentra en constante evolución en aspectos de seguridad y protección de datos, Latinoamérica cuenta con aspectos muy particulares a considerar para la planeación y escalabilidad en el diseño de una arquitectura eficiente y pensada a un largo plazo.